Now, those of you who know me know, when it comes to research I will seek out information far and wide to come to some relative conclusion about anything anti-aging. I have become over the past 20 years somewhat obsessed with the prospects of living a long, youthful, healthy, pain-free life.

Last week we looked at a recent JAMA article that showed an unnecessary, costlier, and riskier trend in spine surgery; namely a steep rise in the use of complex fusion surgeries for spinal stenosis. I brought up the point that nobody in our health care system really has the role of regulating this trend. It is really up to doctors and insurers to look at this type of information and choose to ignore it or incorporate it into what they do.

The anti-aging industry is a large and growing segment of our economy. But the majority of the treatments offered, from skin creams to plastic surgery, are designed simply to make you look younger. Although some anti-aging treatments also stress the importance of what goes into the body, the promised results—characterized by words like rejuvenate, lift, and revitalize—are mostly cosmetic.


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