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This is Health Revolution Radio, today's topic: Peruvian Superfoods Guest Speaker: Manuel Villacorta
The Best Oils for Clear and Healthy Skin Oil for your skin?! Oh yeah…I wasn’t a believer immediately, but after some tried and true experimentation, I have fallen in love. Now, if you tried to put oil anywhere near my face or skin just a couple years ago, I would have said good luck. Similar to my initial outlook on healthy eating years ago, my idea of how to get clear and healthy skin was the same: it was plain wrong.
Breathing disorders affect people in different ways. For some it causes mental distress, fear, anxiety, and even a loss of self-confidence. For others it causes physical symptoms, muscle imbalances, back and shoulder pain, and even pelvic disorders like incontinence.
It goes without saying, the human form is abundantly complex. So much that the use of metaphors and simple life stories are frequently the only way to dilute it’s profound elements of connection to allow us to comprehend just how much we simply don’t know about the sustainability of good health and function.
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By Dr. Peter Abaci
Have you ever had a gut feeling or butterflies in your belly when you were in love? Have you ever gotten so frustrated or upset that your stomach was in knots and you felt like throwing up your lunch? It goes without saying our gut and our mind are intertwined. 
Back Massage
It might be helpful to divide your pain treatment strategies into two categories- active and passive. Coming up with the right balance between these two types of approaches just might be the tipping point that you need to successfully control your pain and gain that boost in quality of life that you are looking for. 
I believe coming here to learn about pain treatments should be a special experience. This should be a place where you can be confident of receiving straight talk with an emphasis on scientific studies and outcomes from experienced providers. We recognize that there are many ways of treating pain problems which can make it challenging for the individual looking to find high-quality and meaningful treatments that deliver impactful results.
Rest and Recovery
Running. What's it about for you? Do you do it to stay in shape, relieve stress, lose weight, and/or spend time with family and friends? Whatever your reasons, research has shown that running is not only the ultimate physical activity but also an important contributor to your health.
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For many, this time of year can mean feeling the blues more than usual. The holiday season can be a time of great joy, but it can also be a time of feeling lonely, financially stressed, and burned out. A decrease in sun exposure during the dark and dreary winter months can be associated with a mood disorder known as seasonal affective disorder. Seasonal affective disorder is associated with symptoms of depression, low energy, sleepiness, weight...


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