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It might be helpful to divide your pain treatment strategies into two categories- active and passive. Coming up with the right balance between these two types of approaches just might be the tipping point that you need to successfully control your pain and gain that boost in quality of life that you are looking for. 
Walking can be affected by all kinds of pain problems and injuries, including back pain, hip or knee arthritis, sciatica, and plantar fasciitis just to name a few. Despite the challenges, our ability to stay ambulatory and to walk at a good pace offers many valuable health benefits. If you have chronic pain, an important part of your rehabilitation work should focus on how much and how fast you can walk. 
It’s important to understand the difference between chronic and acute pain. Acute pain is what you experience when you first get injured. It is caused by tissue damage and the swelling and inflammation that come along with it. Once the injury starts to heal, the inflammation subsides and the acute pain starts to resolve. This type of discomfort serves to protect you from further damage. For example, if you sprain an ankle, it becomes acutely...
The experience of pain impacts so many different things in a person’s life, and it is fair to say that it can really disrupt the homeostatic balance of the body. Living beings naturally try to maintain internal stability of their operating systems, so when things get disrupted, actions take place to restore a new sense of order. A prime example of that would be with temperature control of the body where shivering is a way of maintaining a...
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Arthritis is easily one of the most common causes of daily aches and pains in our society, as well as a major source of disability. Osteoarthritis, considered to be the most prevalent form, occurs when the protective cartilage at the ends of bones deteriorates, leading to degeneration of the joint spaces. Aging, injury, and obesity are generally considered to be the most frequent contributors to arthritic joint disease. These statistics on...
For many, a big source of anxiety involves living with daily pain but doing so without a clear-cut diagnosis or understanding to explain why. There is a strong inherent need within us to be able to put a label on things, and when we can’t do so, this becomes unsettling. To not feel well is one thing, but to not feel well and not really know why can be exacerbating. Talk about throwing salt on the wound. It just doesn’t seem fair. 
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With an estimated 100 million Americans experiencing pain, the enormity of this situation begs for answers about a number of questions. First and foremost is the question of why has the number grown to be so high? One in three Americans experiencing pain at one time or another means that chronic pain is a disease that will likely affect every family at some point.
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As most of the country is suffering from bitter cold right now, that probably means many of you are looking out your windows at snow, sleet, and ice and wondering if you should go out and start shoveling. Think through this carefully before you run out there with good intentions and a hearty shovel in tow. Each year, shoveling snow is a major source of injuries and health problems like heart attacks, and it leads to tens of thousands of doctor...
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December always seems to be a challenging pain management month. For one, the transition to more frigid temperatures along with the slew of storms that normally come through this time of year seem to make everyone’s aches and pains hurt more than normal. The “winter blues,” also known as seasonal affective disorder, can cause symptoms of depression and fatigue for some, especially for those in cold northern climates. In fact, Hippocrates...
How Pain Affects Memory
Does pain interfere with brain function? This topic often gets overlooked by doctors who specialize in treating pain. Even going back to when I first started practicing in the late nineties, I can remember patients telling me that they were experiencing difficulties in remembering things. At that time, the reasons for this was still not well understood. As a result, memory problems were often written off as a byproduct of pain medication use or...


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