Drug Addiction

At a downtown Denver clinic, 30 patients addicted to opioids are prescribed a daily combination pill that reduces drug cravings and, at the same time, ruins any attempt to get high.

AURORA — Doctors at Children’s Hospital Colorado hope to launch as many as 25 new clinical trials in the next six months after a recently signed federal law opened the floodgates to test experimental cancer drugs for children.

“The pediatric oncology community is really excited,” said Dr. Lia Gore, the director of Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.


CHICAGO — Surgery patients often end up with leftover opioid painkillers and store the remaining pills improperly at home, a study suggests.

The research raises concerns about overprescribing addictive medicine that could end in the wrong hands.

By Ricardo Alonso-zaldivar and Laurie Kellman, The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Americans were never too thrilled with “Obamacare” and they definitely disapprove of Republican alternatives in Congress, so what does the public want to do on health care?

By Joel Achenbach and Dan Keating, The Washington Post

The coast-to-coast opioid epidemic is swamping hospitals, with government data published Tuesday showing 1.27 million emergency room visits or inpatient stays for opioid-related issues in a single year.

By Laurie McGinley and Lenny Bernstein, The Washington Post

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday asked a drug company to remove its opioid pain medication from the market, the first time the agency has made such a request because of the public health consequences of abuse.



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