Drug Addiction

The Iowa Juvenile Home has been given 15 citations for violations in its substance-abuse treatment program.

The Des Moines Register says the violations found in a new inspection included a lack of oversight and failure to track whether some children were making progress in their treatment.

Certain painkillers soon could require more than a doctor’s prescription. You might have to sign an agreement that you will use the medicines responsibly and submit to periodic drug tests.

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I read about a massage therapist in Virginia who was dismissed from a sobriety monitoring program after his alcohol screening results were positive. He blamed it on the kombucha tea he had been drinking. Read more here.

Illinois law enforcement officials are producing informational videos to combat what they say is an "epidemic" of heroin use.

The Illinois State Crime Commission and the Police Athletic League of Illinois announced Wednesday the videos will be made available to police, educators and public health officials.

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Donations come every day, and more than 250 "cuddlers" have volunteered to comfort newborn babies enduring the torment of drug withdrawal when a unique treatment center opens this fall in southern West Virginia. Read more here.

Kauai County Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Jr. says he plans to select a site for a proposed residential adolescent drug treatment center by the end of the year.

A recent study conducted for the county recommended Kauai build a center with six to eight beds

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The complex brain circuitry that drives humans to compulsively drink alcohol is still somewhat a mystery. But a UCSF-led team of scientists believe they have identified that wiring in the brains of rats who also imbibe too deeply.


Are so-called “designer drugs” still a problem?

University of Maine researcher Marie Hayes says she has been criticized for her opinion that methadone programs should incorporate birth control for addicted women. To read more, click here.

When Anne’s baby boy was born at Eastern Maine Medical Center, his little body began a painstaking withdrawal from narcotics. In his first days of life, the infant unwittingly craved the methadone his mother began taking during her pregnancy to help her kick an addiction to prescription painkillers.


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