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Dr. Natalie
Dr. Nat Strand MD is an interventional pain management physician focused on a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. She is currently the Director of Integrative Medicine at Freedom Pain Hospital in Arizona. Previously, Dr. Strand was an Assistant Professor in Clinical Anesthesiology, and a practicing physician of interventional pain management at USC Keck School of Medicine. She completed medical school, internship and fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. She completed her residency at UCLA. Dr. Strand is committed to improving patients’ quality of life through a multi-disciplinary approach delivered with a personal touch.

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Posted: Sep 10, 2013
Background: Chronic cluster headache is a severely disabling neurological disorder. Evidence from open-label case series suggest that occipital nerve stimulation may be effective for the treatment of chronic cluster headache. Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of... Read More
Posted: Sep 10, 2013
Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain syndrome of unclear etiology. Prior to 1994, CRPS was divided into two conditions: reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which included a history of initiating injury (type 1); and causalgia, which included a history of known nerve... Read More

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