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State public health officials have detected Eastern equine encephalitis in mosquitoes in York County, marking the first confirmed presence of the potentially fatal disease in Maine this year.
Girl with hand on chest
Tanna Jellison of Bangor was a sophomore at the University of Maine when she started to worry about a lump in her neck. She’d noticed it before, but the swelling suddenly grew quickly over the span of a month.
Some tips to avoid allergic reactions, drowning, poisoning and heat illness Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors. But the good times can quickly turn tragic because of injuries and accidents. In many cases, taking simple precautions is all it takes to have a safe summer.
It has been well understood for quite some time now that the continuous or chronic experience of pain is often associated with significant mood changes. In particular, the incidence of depression accompanying chronic pain has been widely considered to be quite high.
The date marking 20 years since my father’s passing came up recently. In looking back, I can recall that day as if it were only yesterday.
If you, or a loved one, are one of the estimated 116 million Americans with chronic pain, then you appreciate what a game changer pain can be when it comes to things like performing daily activities, functioning at work, or trying to exercise...
If you are reading this post, you are probably already well-versed on how chronic pain can interrupt your own, or a loved one’s, ability to perform simple activities and function on a day to day basis. You may even start off your day dreading the thought of just trying to get through it. When we hurt, we tend to shut down physically and even emotionally. It is our natural tendency to protect a part of our body that has been injured or is...


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