For many, a big source of anxiety involves living with daily pain but doing so without a clear-cut diagnosis or understanding to explain why. There is a strong inherent need within us to be able to put a label on things, and when we can’t do so, this becomes unsettling. To not feel well is one thing, but to not feel well and not really know why can be exacerbating. Talk about throwing salt on the wound. It just doesn’t seem fair. 
Fibromyalgia has long struggled to gain universal recognition in the medical community as a bona fide disease that should be taken just as seriously as other chronic conditions like hypertension or diabetes. While some specialties, like rheumatology and pain management, have embraced the concept of fibromyalgia as a condition to be reckoned with, many specialists and primary care doctors seem to still view fibromyalgia with a certain degree of...
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How bad is the experience of pain on our overall general health? Do chronic pain problems like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and back pain predispose us to developing other health problems like heart disease, strokes, or diabetes? Based on my clinical experience of treating pain for 17 years, I am convinced that pain has a significant but overlooked impact on the incidence of other seemingly unrelated diseases. For years now I have been treating new...
Melatonin is best known as an over-the-counter sleep aid supplement. It is an important naturally occurring hormone produced by the pineal gland which is located inside the brain. Melatonin helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythms so that when its levels rise, it signals the body that it is nighttime and therefore time to fall asleep.
Fibromyalgia is a common chronic pain syndrome associated with muscle tenderness and increased sensitivity to pain. Understanding the mechanisms of what causes fibromyalgia has been difficult to come by, and as a result, doctors have struggled to find successful treatments for its sufferers. Medications often fail to provide meaningful results that improve quality of life.
When I first learned about connective tissue I was told it was an “accessory tissue”. What in the hell does that even mean? Why would my body have any accessory item in it at all? It’s like calling the tissue jewelry. You don’t need it, it’s just there to make things pretty. NOT TRUE.
Fibromyalgia affects 2-4% of the population – mostly women. I’ve spent many years helping people manage the acute pain and tenderness in the body that this troublesome disorder creates. Sadly, there are no blood tests or x-rays that are used to diagnose this disorder.
Fibromyalgia is a syndrome associated with inflammation of the connective tissue (the muscles, tendons, and ligaments), which brings about widespread musculoskeletal tenderness and an elevated sensitivity to pain. Symptoms include chronic pain, stiffness, fatigue, insomnia, and mood changes like depression. Basically, fibromyalgia sufferers feel like they ache all over.


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