Nurses supporting woman's head
Gilda's Club teams up with hospitals to provide support sooner and more easily. There was a time when groups like Gilda's Club, which was founded in 1995 in memory of comedian Gilda Radner to provide support for cancer patients, stayed away from hospitals. Patients went to hospitals for treatments that made them feel terrible, and they didn't want to go back unless they absolutely had to. Now, trends are converging to make partnerships between...
Have you ever wondered if having one type of pain problem makes you more likely to hurt in other locations? For example, does having sore knees mean you are more prone to hurt somewhere else in the body like, say, in the neck?
Sculpture of woman holding head
There are over 300 million people in the world who suffer from migraines. I’ve written blogs and have talked about how to help people with migraines resolve the missing link to ending this daily head pain. On the Dr. Oz show, I had about 1 minute to mention this issue and, quite simply how MELT helps to restore the missing link to helping this chronic issue amongst so many people. Migraines were thought to be a vascular issue for many years.
Ten years ago, I had an opportunity to observe up close the high-profile life of NFL athletes. A friend of mine had the good fortune of being on the receiving end of a travel package to spend a weekend with the Oakland Raiders during a road trip to play their cross-state rivals the San Diego Chargers. I’ll never forget the police escorts on to and off the airport tarmacs and boarding the plane with the likes of Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, and the...


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