Knee Pain

By Dr. Peter Abaci
How Pain Affects Memory
Does pain interfere with brain function? This topic often gets overlooked by doctors who specialize in treating pain. Even going back to when I first started practicing in the late nineties, I can remember patients telling me that they were experiencing difficulties in remembering things. At that time, the reasons for this was still not well understood. As a result, memory problems were often written off as a byproduct of pain medication use or...
Virginia veteran is one of the first microprocessor-controlled waterproof knee.
Weathered hands folded
Arthritis -- specifically osteoarthritis, which is the most common form of arthritis -- has reached epidemic proportions in our country. Currently there are over 50 million estimated arthritis sufferers in the USA.
Not only do muscles help us move, they also support the skeleton. The greater the “support load” taken on by the muscles, the less stress the joints have to endure, which helps them last longer...


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