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St. Patrick’s Day turns March into a month-long celebration of all things green. Of course this includes things that, dare I say, should not be green, such as beer, eggs, and human skin.
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This is Health Revolution Radio, today's topic: The Importance of a Good Night's Sleep Guest Speakers: Michael Sullivan and John Mckellar
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This is Health Revolution Radio, today's topic: High Energy Nutrition Guest Speakers: Anna Baker, Laurann Putnam, and Heather Elledge
GLUTEN FREE: Is it Enough? Acne is a skin problem experienced by adolescents and adults alike, but luckily eating gluten free can make a dramatic difference in outbreaks. While acne is largely aesthetic, it can lead to a host of psychological problems, such as lowered self-esteem, depression, and social withdrawal. Because of these very real mental and emotional impacts, adolescents and adults alike are often desperate to find solutions.
By Nicole Hemmenway While the issue of pain medication and addiction has been a hot topic in the media and government for quite some time, a TV commercial shown during the Super Bowl seemed to add more fuel to the fire.
When it comes to movement and defining function most of the research and science is focused on the muscles and motor nerves. With all of the study that’s gone into the arenas of fitness, function, posture, and movement, it’s no wonder we still can’t figure out why so many people who engage in fitness get injured or suffer with chronic pain. It is a simple matter of looking at the wrong matter in the body.
By Dr. Peter Abaci A common complaint for many with chronic pain problems like arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, and CRPS is difficulty with memory and just not feeling mentally sharp. Brain research seems to back up the mental cloudiness that many in pain experience on a routine basis. Chronic pain is often associated with anatomical changes within the brain, including an overall loss of gray matter and a shrinking of areas of the brain...
This is Health Revolution Radio, today's topic: Ringing in the New Year Guest Speaker: Laurann Putnam
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This is Health Revolution Radio with Dr. Peter Abaci, today's topic: New Year's Resolutions
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This is Health Revolution Radio, today's topic: Holiday Traditions Guest Speakers: Heather Elledge and Ninamarie Bojekian


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