By Dr. Peter Abaci
I believe coming here to learn about pain treatments should be a special experience. This should be a place where you can be confident of receiving straight talk with an emphasis on scientific studies and outcomes from experienced providers. We recognize that there are many ways of treating pain problems which can make it challenging for the individual looking to find high-quality and meaningful treatments that deliver impactful results.
By Dr. Peter Abaci
Fibromyalgia has long struggled to gain universal recognition in the medical community as a bona fide disease that should be taken just as seriously as other chronic conditions like hypertension or diabetes. While some specialties, like rheumatology and pain management, have embraced the concept of fibromyalgia as a condition to be reckoned with, many specialists and primary care doctors seem to still view fibromyalgia with a certain degree of...
One of the biggest complaints that I hear from patients who see me with complex chronic pain problems is that they don’t sleep well. In fact, outside of the pain itself, it seems as though insomnia is often their most dreaded problem. Unfortunately, some of the most common treatments for pain can also become factors that contribute to a lack of good quality sleep.
Opioid-based pain killers, also known as narcotics, are often an overlooked cause of low testosterone levels in men. Medications like Vicodin, Norco, and Oxycontin have become some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in America. If you are taking something in this family of pain killers then you should consider talking to your doctor about checking the levels of testosterone in your blood. Here are some facts to be aware of: The hypothalamus...
The Food and Drug Administration has issued a positive review of a breast cancer drug from Roche that could soon become the first pharmaceutical option approved for treating early-stage disease before surgery.For more information, click here.
These hospitals take part in a new statewide partnership called MyWy Health. Its goal is to improve patient care by better coordinating health-care information.The ability to share such health information could be ready by the end of the year.Read the full story here.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will decide by Friday whether to sign into law a bill that would make it easier for children to obtain medical marijuana. Read more here.
Last August, Jefferson University Hospital surgeons removed a Haitian man's diseased lower jaw, then reconstructed it using bone from his left leg. Read more here.


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