As people age, loss of bone health can greatly decrease the quality of life. Because bones are constantly breaking down and rebuilding themselves, the body needs a continuous supply of all the nutrients required for bone regeneration.
 My dentist rescheduled an oral surgery procedure after learning I was taking a drug for osteoporosis. But I have read mixed reports on whether that was necessary.
Changes in how Medicare pays for products used by people with diabetes have made David Kohll's life much busier.
Rationing medical care is denounced as immoral in the United States, yet it goes on daily in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, ambulances, and pharmacies.
  Advocates for HIV awareness are taking their “get tested” message to the runway with a fashion show at Godfrey’s Restaurant and Nightclub on Thursday to mark National HIV Testing Day.
Doctors have gotten better at saying no to antibiotics when patients have viral ailments, but researchers wanted to tackle a different aspect of the nation's overprescribing problem: giving the wrong antibiotic to patients with bacterial infections. Antibiotics don't work against viruses, although many parents still want them. They do work against bacteria. Yet doctors often prescribe powerful broad-spectrum antibiotics when a drug that only...
FORT KENT, Maine — A Fort Kent physician 
COURTESY - An artist's rendition of the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center
Cancer patients in Nebraska and Iowa will be able to take part in clinical trials run out of Penn State, Purdue or Northwestern now that 11 Big Ten Conference schools have teamed up to battle cancer.
Waking too early may harm women's hearts For women who aren't getting enough Z's, a new UCSF study points to a potential reason why inadequate sleep may be harmful for them and their hearts. Poor sleep - especially waking up too early - appears to play a big role in raising unhealthy levels of inflammation among women with coronary heart disease. The effects were seen in women, not men, the researchers said.


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