The bad news for Sandra Sojka: Her mammogram detected breast cancer.
At just 12 years old, Sally Jordan has spent a third of her young life tormented by a mystery illness that wracked her body with disabling pain and forced her to give up dancing and other activities she loved.
  University of Pennsylvania researchers have genetically engineered a vaccine that completely protected mice and ferrets from deadly influenza viruses, including the infamous 1918 strain that killed 40 million people worldwide.
photo courtesy of the Tennessean
(photo courtesy of the Tennessean) For the second time in as many years, a compounding pharmacy with ties to Tennessee is under investigation by the CDC for infecting patients.
Eli Lilly and Co., Dow AgroSciences and other major life science companies and universities in Indiana are coming together in a rare collaboration to bring jobs and cachet to the state while developing treatments for common Hoosier problems such as diabetes and obesity.
The websites of the National Cancer Institute and leading medical centers such as the University of Pennsylvania say cancer that starts in the fallopian tubes is ultrarare, making up less than 1 percent of all gynecological cancers. But that assertion may be wrong. Mounting evidence points to the fallopian tubes as the origin of the fifth leading cancer killer of American women: ovarian cancer.
Within the span of 2½ years, Jana Bass lost her mother, her brother and her father to cancer.
The placenta usually isn’t given much thought after the birth happens. It’s just thrown away. But researchers are taking a new interest in it. A growing number of studies suggest that this organ, which feeds nutrients to the fetus and removes waste from its blood, may reveal a lot about the baby’s possible health complications.
Last week the American Journal of Medicine published research suggesting that the regular use of over-the-counter (OTC) pain killers, like acetaminophen and aspirin...
Common Western Medical Treatments for Chronic Pain


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