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Hospitals are places of healing and health. But paradoxically, they also have a lot of potential health hazards — harsh cleaning chemicals, X-rays, lab accidents — that could be dangerous for both patients and staff members.
WASHINGTON — The list prices that hospitals charge became a lot more transparent to consumers on Wednesday, but maybe even harder to fathom. Nationwide, what one hospital charges for an operation can be 40 times or more what another hospital charges, new data from the Department of Health and Human Services reveal. The reasons for the drastic differences are as puzzling to government experts who crunch the numbers as they are to patients who...
The two main parts of the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center — the research tower and the hospital — got their own names Tuesday during the project's groundbreaking ceremony. The Buffett Cancer Center's 10-story research building will be called the Suzanne and Walter Scott Cancer Research Tower, and the 108-bed inpatient treatment center will be named the CL Werner Cancer Hospital.
Omahan Kellie Beresh remembers well the devastating side effects of the cancer treatments that have kept her son Jake alive in the 10 years since doctors discovered a lemon-size tumor on his skull. One side effect that was particularly gruesome: a gaping hole in the then-6-year-old's scalp, caused by a radiation burn. “I could see the bone behind his ear,” she recalled.
Medicare recipients need not fear the Affordable Care Act, Dr. Jane Potter says.  Potter, professor and chief of the division of geriatrics at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, will talk Tuesday afternoon about how the federal health care law has affected Medicare.  "Patients are concerned and confused about what the impact really is for them," Potter said.
Many pundits and economists believe that our economy is starting to show the early stages of bouncing back. We are starting to see signs of improving consumer confidence, the sprouting of signs of economic growth, and unemployment has at least bottomed out if not slightly improved of late. Results seem to show that recent holiday spending is above the prior years’ depressed level, and perhaps better than what was expected going into the 2009...
“Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain” comes to you at a pivotal time in our nation’s history. Few are satisfied with the current state of health care in the United States, yet even fewer seem to have the stomach for creating true wholesale changes to what most believe is so broken. Washington is in the midst of trying to pass legislation to overhaul a system that many believe is too costly, inefficient, and compares less favorably to other...
I am working on a presentation analyzing cost in pain treatment that I will be giving in Las Vegas, and I thought that instead of letting whatever happens in Vegas stay there that I would share it with you all. Here is some of the data:
Back in the 1980s, Michael Douglas brought to the big screen a vivid presentation of the intense, cutthroat competition seen in corporate Wall Street. Through his “Gordon Gekko” character, he made it clear that “greed is good” and showed what can happen when the stakes are sky high and the pressure to win unrelenting.


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