Money and Medicine

By Dr. Peter Abaci
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December always seems to be a challenging pain management month. For one, the transition to more frigid temperatures along with the slew of storms that normally come through this time of year seem to make everyone’s aches and pains hurt more than normal. The “winter blues,” also known as seasonal affective disorder, can cause symptoms of depression and fatigue for some, especially for those in cold northern climates. In fact, Hippocrates...
Pain Relief Revolution
By Dr. Peter Abaci
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Chances are good you'll find it in ice cream, cookies and crackers. Cereals, chocolates, cake mixes, doughnuts, potato chips? It's probably in there, too. Read more here.
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas has scored a $20.3 million grant to lead a health research network involving 13 universities in seven western states.Read the full story here.
Most of us visit the doctor only when we’re sick or injured. We break an ankle, get walloped with the flu, and finally dial up our physician or nurse practitioner to tell them where it hurts.For more information, click here.
Indiana’s hospitals and outpatient medical centers saw 100 reportable errors in 2012, the same number as the previous year, according to an annual report from the Indiana State Department of Health.Read the full story here.
When Sandra Cintron's mother heard how bad her daughter's fibroid symptoms were getting - bleeding that went on for weeks and debilitating pain - she thought she knew where things were heading.Read the full story here.
Several Maine pharmacy organizations have joined with a major pharmaceutical trade group to challenge the legality of a new Maine law that allows international firms to fill mail-order prescriptions.Read the rest of the story here.
The Food and Drug Administration has issued a positive review of a breast cancer drug from Roche that could soon become the first pharmaceutical option approved for treating early-stage disease before surgery.For more information, click here.


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