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The nation’s most pivotal health reform in 50 years kicks into high gear this fall. You’ll be affected. Here's how.
Need insurance? Here’s what you should do.Find out here.
September is Pain Awareness Month, but I can give you 600 billion reasons why we should really call it Awareness of Bad Treatment Month. According to the Institute of Medicine’s 2011 report, chronic pain costs our nation up to $635 billion in medical treatment and lost productivity making it a major reason for missed time at work and long-term disability.
Supporters who held signs and waved to drivers on Dell Range Boulevard on Monday called for improvements in maternity care in the United States.Read the rest here.
You’ve probably heard about it. Even experts don’t fully understand it. But it’s going to affect you.Read more here.
Colorful tap water
California became the first state in the nation Thursday to propose limiting a carcinogen found in drinking water throughout the state, but environmentalists say the recommended standard under the plan is too lax.
t's easy to recognize some of the old medical equipment spread across a table at the Wyoming State Museum.A century-old black microscope looks a lot like those of today.The museum now is the permanent home for these instruments and for dozens more pieces of old medical equipment.Read the full story here.
“Independent means independent,” said Hank Foley, holding 2-year-old son Thomas, as he argued the case for a fully independent children’s hospital for the Richmond region.The venue was a community meeting Thursday evening to get feedback on the VCU Health System’s proposal to build a new children’s hospital.
The doorway colors and the geometric floor markings in the new inpatient polytrauma rehabilitation unit at McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center are for more than design purposes. For the full story, click here.
Women giving birth at VCU Medical Center will have more spacious rooms, some with a spa-like tub to labor in if they so choose, when the hospital’s renovated labor and delivery unit opens this fall. Read more here.


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