Nerve Pain

Stem Cells
UCSF scientists have discovered that a gene long associated with the health of stem cells plays a critical role in promoting the regeneration of those cells and guiding them into becoming specialized tissues throughout the body.
Nurses supporting woman's head
Gilda's Club teams up with hospitals to provide support sooner and more easily. There was a time when groups like Gilda's Club, which was founded in 1995 in memory of comedian Gilda Radner to provide support for cancer patients, stayed away from hospitals. Patients went to hospitals for treatments that made them feel terrible, and they didn't want to go back unless they absolutely had to. Now, trends are converging to make partnerships between...
Women who were exposed in the womb to a pesticide that pervaded the United States until it was banned four decades ago were found in a new study to have an increased risk of developing high blood pressure before age 50.
Neuropathic pain refers to a major subtype of chronic pain caused by damage to a nerve, or a dysfunction within the nervous system. The word neuropathic means “pathology in the nerves.” Nerve pain can be described as burning, sharp, shooting, electrical, or pins and needles, depending on the circumstances and particular type of problem...


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