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This is Health Revolution Radio, today's topic: Holiday Traditions

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I remember when my best friend brought her 19-month-old daughter to the city for a visit. We hadn’t really thought through all of the routine habits of the day, which sent us out buying things that aren’t cheap. Things like a highchair for her to eat. When we tried eating on the sofa, well that didn’t work out too well. She also didn’t bring a stroller so needless to say new travelers with new babies should think things through before they...

A Power-over-Pain Handout

Megan Watson, SPT • Ash Robbins, RN, BSN • Jennifer Warshaw, MS, MPH
Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions, Philadelphia Pennsylvania 



This is Health Revolution Radio, today's topic: Avoid the Turkey Neck

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Managing chronic pain on a daily basis can be challenging enough, but on top of that many patients with chronic pain are often faced with dealing with other significant chronic diseases at the same time. In fact, I have had countless patients over the years tell me that they developed medical problems like hypertension and diabetes only after their injuries occurred, and many report weight gains of 15-20 pounds after the onset of their pain...

Apple Watch Fitness

By Dr. Peter Abaci

Being healthy doesn’t just happen. It requires work and dedication. Likewise, effectively managing pain also takes special effort and commitment. When you have a chronic condition like fibromyalgia or back pain, you can’t expect to just wake up one day and be rid of all that ails you. No, in order to get chronic pain under better control, you need to invest in the process.

Bacteria on slide

Trillions of microbes live in your gastrointestinal tract, including up to a thousand different species of bacteria. This mass, called the microbiome, contains more cells than the total number of cells in your entire body! Many of these microbes have a major effect on your immunity and overall well-being, with some protecting against illness (eating up carcinogenic substances and other invaders) and producing certain vitamins, and others...


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