Are you looking for a really great anti-inflammatory remedy to counter-act those winter season pain flare-ups? What if I told you that I could recommend something that was not only fifty times more powerful than green tea and ten times more powerful than blueberries, but that it could also help lower blood pressure, reduce the risks of heart disease and diabetes, and possibly even make you smarter? Well, you won’t need a doctor’s...

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December always seems to be a challenging pain management month. For one, the transition to more frigid temperatures along with the slew of storms that normally come through this time of year seem to make everyone’s aches and pains hurt more than normal. The “winter blues,” also known as seasonal affective disorder, can cause symptoms of depression and fatigue for some, especially for those in cold northern climates. In fact, Hippocrates...

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Chances are good you'll find it in ice cream, cookies and crackers. Cereals, chocolates, cake mixes, doughnuts, potato chips? It's probably in there, too.

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AGING Diet, exercise shown to improve cell health Healthy lifestyle changes may help improve one's "cellular age," or the health of certain cells in the body, a new UCSF study shows for the first time.

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Losing 20 pounds feels awesome. Gaining back 20 pounds feels terrible.

But part of the reason that people sometimes gain weight back might have to do with what’s happening, or not happening, in their stomachs.

As part of a physical exam, doctors often ask patients to say “ah” so they can get a good view of the gums, teeth, tongue and back of the oral cavity.

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People who get hungry after 2 p.m. at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health had best like McDonald’s.The fast food burger joint will be the only place to purchase an evening meal in the state’s largest children’s hospital until a new café opens in the Simon Family Tower some time in early 2014, hospital officials say.

Anyone who has gluten intolerance or has the autoimmune celiac condition knows how hard it is to find foods free of the offending wheat protein. In the short time since our June 25 article on gluten-related health conditions, there has been an important new development.

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Colorful tap water

California became the first state in the nation Thursday to propose limiting a carcinogen found in drinking water throughout the state, but environmentalists say the recommended standard under the plan is too lax.

Stanford scientists have identified a possible new culprit in the development of Alzheimer's disease and other brain disorders, and the finding may create new avenues for understanding, and maybe preventing, cognitive decline in old age.


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