How far would you go for groceries? How about 140-mile round-trip taking eight hours?


Some tips to avoid allergic reactions, drowning, poisoning and heat illness

Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors. But the good times can quickly turn tragic because of injuries and accidents. In many cases, taking simple precautions is all it takes to have a safe summer.

It's a good idea to wash the fresh fruits and vegetables you buy before you eat them, even though officials don't yet know whether the food is the source of a nasty bug.

Gluten-free" is a hot marketing message on more and more food labels. Is this just advertising hype, or should you care whether a food product has gluten in it? The short answer is maybe. It depends on your body.

Waking too early may harm women's hearts
For women who aren't getting enough Z's, a new UCSF study points to a potential reason why inadequate sleep may be harmful for them and their hearts.

Poor sleep - especially waking up too early - appears to play a big role in raising unhealthy levels of inflammation among women with coronary heart disease. The effects were seen in women,...

ATLANTA — U.S. youth and adults lowered their intake of sugar- sweetened beverages by 68 and 45 calories per day respectively, says a 12-year study by the National Health and Nutrition Examina…

If you were unaware caffeine was creeping into foods until last month, when Wrigley was blasted for putting the stimulant in a new gum, here's the latest buzz.

By Dr. Peter Abaci

Well, it’s spring which means the sun is out, the days are longer, and we all should be getting out more to exercise, walk, bike, and just goof off. This is a good time to loosen up those joints and tight muscles and start moving. Spring also offers us some great seasonal food options to reduce inflammation so that we can exercise more comfortably. Here are some suggestions of what to look for that is fresh right...

The nation's largest food and beverage companies are under renewed attack for what critics see as misleading ads for obesity-promoting foods, especially ads aimed at kids.

It could be just what the doctor ordered for an overweight population: Indiana University Health has removed all sugary drinks from...


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