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I have had the good fortune to live a very successful life as a doctor and now, on my path as a speaker and author. To remind myself, I compiled the following list of attributes that I have followed, which helped me achieve success. This is my go-to list I refer to when faced with temporary setbacks. But now, I also believe this will be very helpful to you, my readers.
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It was monsoon time in India, and the torrential rains were steadily coming down. I was 16 years old, a school boy who didn’t like school. One rainy day in July of 1973, I looked out the classroom window to see my dad’s light green Vespa sitting outside the school principal’s office. I panicked. “Where have you been?” my classmate Sunil asked me. “Everyone has been looking for you, but you were nowhere to be found.”
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Previously for the human race to survive, we as a species experienced an evolution of the physical body. Survival today, is not about the human species alone, but rather a question about the survival of the world – and it is time for an evolution of consciousness.
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Last week I wrote about my experience at The Chopra Center during my Meditation Instructor certification, where Deepak Chopra inspired me to write about ”Software of the Soul“.
Steve Pavalin’s Crossing the Bridge is a wonderful, inspiring article as if written for me, I even used quotes from it for my Vision Board! As our basic needs are usually met easily, we need to create a vision that truly inspires us, one that shakes our spirit awake and makes us remember why we’re here. We can choose to do work we love. We can rely on inspiration instead of neediness as our primary source of motivation
I remember coming across the phrase “The attitude of gratitude” in Rhonda Byrne’s hugely successful book and DVD The Secret a few years back. I thought about that phrase a lot because it seemed to be a missing ingredient in a lot of folks’ lives, including many of the patients I saw. As I tried to remain mindful of giving gratitude in my own life, I was struck by how quickly doing so could make me feel calmer and peaceful.
Sometimes patients are startled when I tell them that they’ve already been given a powerful pain medicine. “Was it some injection or pill?” they ask. I explain that this “medicine” is and always has been within them, waiting to be put to use. We know that we come equipped with our own antibodies to fight infections, but where inside are we hiding this magical potion to treat pain? The answer lies within the mind.
One of the most important lessons I offer my patients is to help them see that every emotion is preceded by a thought. This is a basic principle of modern psychology. How you feel at any given moment is the product of whatever thoughts your mind has recently created. Leaving your emotions to the mercy of angry, repetitive “noise” will perpetuate negative emotions like rage, depression, and agitation and keep you from experiencing happiness and...


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