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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can transcend the purely physical cause that set it in motion and turn into a crisis that envelopes the entire person. Learn more about how to manage it without letting it manage you.

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Brain & Pain

The brain is a very dynamic organ and can play an important role in managing health. Protecting your most valuable resource—your brain— is an important part of a winning pain management plan.

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Lifestyle & Habits

Becoming healthier is a key to helping manage pain.Carefully decide how you spend your time each day and what habits you cultivate. Learn more about the key traits of highly successful chronic pain sufferers.

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We see ourselves as machines: If a part is broken, we fix it. Chronic pain doesn't follow this recipe. Standard medical treatments can certainly help, but if you are not careful, they can also stand in the way of progress.

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Telehealth pain doctor

Telehealth for Pain Management

A lot has changed lately in how I work with my patients. The need for social distancing and sheltering at home has forced me to rethink the way I do just about everything.
I run two pain management centers that are interdisciplinary, meaning that there’s a team of different complementary specialties like physical therapy, psychology, and acupuncture, under one roof to serve our patients in a more integrated way. That also includes a special day program, where patients come in every day for several weeks and participate in a variety of classes that cover everything from exercise, to emotional well-being to meditation and art therapy. I believe the team-building and camaraderie of bringing patients together have always been an essential part of creating positive outcomes. Then, suddenly in March, we had to shut down many of these services that we provide.
In a short amount of time, my team rallied to start offering many of our treatments via telehealth, allowing our patients to start working with our psychologists, physical therapists, and even participate in group programs from their own homes.
Many of our patients have embraced participating in telehealth treatments and have appreciated the added support while cooped up at home during a stressful time. But for others, doing telehealth hasn’t clicked, and we are starting to understand some of the hurdles. If you are interested in using telehealth to improve your pain management, here are some tips that may help:
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