Dr. Peter Abaci Presenting at RSDSA Conference

Peter Abaci, MD is the co-founder and medical director of The Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center, author of, "Take Control of Your Pain", and a frequent contributor to WebMD, Pain Pathways, and Huffington Post. His objective is to teach you how to have a great life with CRPS.

This presentation is part of the broader discussion on integrated Solutions to CRPS, treating the whole person, and optimizing wellness.

This is Health Revolution Radio with Dr. Peter Abaci. Today's topic: How to be a nonagenarian. 

Guest speakers: H. Ronnie and Aram Henesian

There’s a misconception that hormonal acne is a teenage problem, but the truth of the matter is that it can affect anyone with a hormone imbalance. Even dermatologists are finding that late onset acne is becoming increasingly common in women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and even 50’s.

When it comes to movement and defining function most of the research and science is focused on the muscles and motor nerves. With all of the study that’s gone into the arenas of fitness, function, posture, and movement, it’s no wonder we still can’t figure out why so many people who engage in fitness get injured or suffer with chronic pain. It is a simple matter of looking at the wrong matter in the body.

I’m off again to share my learning, research, and study of the human body. This life-long pursuit started with my questioning of how we age and how to stop it from happening as I watched my great grandmother slowly disintegrate into a mere shell of a woman.

Health advice to my younger self

I remember when my best friend brought her 19-month-old daughter to the city for a visit. We hadn’t really thought through all of the routine habits of the day, which sent us out buying things that aren’t cheap. Things like a highchair for her to eat. When we tried eating on the sofa, well that didn’t work out too well. She also didn’t bring a stroller so needless to say new travelers with new babies should think things through before they...

If you think about the study of human beings, realize that Egyptians, Indians and the Greeks had notions of cells centuries before the invention of the microscope, and Darwin was all but dismissed and taken for as a fool for his theory of evolution.

It’s our duty as practitioners to push through the very confines of traditional science and go from evolution to revolution when it comes to understanding the human form, decrease disease,...

The Best Oils for Clear and Healthy Skin

Oil for your skin?! Oh yeah…I wasn’t a believer immediately, but after some tried and true experimentation, I have fallen in love. Now, if you tried to put oil anywhere near my face or skin just a couple years ago, I would have said good luck. Similar to my initial outlook on healthy eating years ago, my idea of how to get clear and healthy skin was the same: it was...

As the sun rose over the vast desert skyline in Southern Utah, the temperature changed more than 20-degrees from 7 a.m.-9 a.m. I looked out at these ancient red mountains near Snow Canyon, just 90 minutes away from the stunning Zion National Park. I felt a sense of calm and grounding come over me.