"95% of sickness is caused by stress."

Why do pain and sickness occur? Why does our body fail to sustain balance, control, and stability?

I believe that pain and sickness is caused by accumulated stress. Stress is a result of how every level of your mind and body identify and manage your daily life. So where does stress get trapped? Is it in the mind or the body? Is there a difference?

My Story

In the mid to late 90s after working towards a Masters in science, after studying Neuromuscular therapy, after being in the fitness industry as both a group exercise instructor and personal trainer for nearly a decade, with all I had learned and applied, my body was in a state of uncontrollable pain.  Crazy. Right?

With all I knew about the body and how to achieve balance and stability, my body failed to sustain it and ultimately struggled to reacquire it. In getting myself out of pain, I’ve been able to help thousands of other people do the very same.

What I’ve learned and how it can help you

Stress affects us on every level – mental, emotional, chemical, physiological, and neurological. Stress can be defined as tension mismanagement. That’s a broad definition, but it helps us grasp the idea. The problem is we are under stress nearly always.

The stress mechanisms that function under what’s scientifically called the sympathetic nervous system react to all incoming stress.

Whether the stress stems from needing to run from a bear or dealing with your kids getting out the door on time, your body reacts by turning up hormones and chemicals like cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. Your heart rate increases, your body sweats, and your mind and body adapt.  But once the kids get to school or the bear is no longer a threat the body is also designed to quickly restore balance and turn on repair and rest responses called the parasympathetic nervous system or repair mechanisms. Sounds OK, but for many, this isn’t happening. Their body is pumping out stress hormones all day long.

If your stress mechanism is always “on” which happens to many men and women in this day and age (even kids), the body has to wait until we fall asleep to make the repair mechanisms dominant. However when stress gets out of control, we don’t sleep well either and that allows stress to accumulate more and more as our body’s natural cycle of repair is inhibited.

stressDr. Bruce Lipton says “95% of sickness is caused by stress.”

If you start to worry and focus on the negative aspects of daily life, it affects your body. When something goes wrong, something that makes you mad, fearful, or sad, and you get stressed out beyond your mind, you body also takes a toll on the cellular level. Your mind keeps thinking about it, your body gets tense, and thoughts in your mind can make you sick.

For example, someone blatantly attacks and judges you verbally. In the moment you stand shocked that anyone would do such a thing but remain silent because you know if you speak you only make the anger bigger, ultimately lose your power, and the issue can spin out of control. Engaging can fuel the fire, make the haters stronger in their power, and cause havoc that is uncalled for. 

Your stress reflex and sympathetic regulators of fight, flight, or freeze kick in. The moment ends but for the rest of the day you keep going back to that moment, replaying it over and over and over again. Sometimes you imagine yourself screaming and fighting back, punching the person in the face. Maybe the next time you replay the moment and you say something smart and bold, causing the attacker total humiliation. And then the next time you think it you change the story again… over and over and over you replay the bad moment.

When you live in the past, you miss out on the current moment and your future is compromised. It becomes an energy suck. Then for days you talk to your friends, your therapist, and anyone else about the situation as it continues to linger in your mind for days, weeks, and so on.

Some of us do it so often we don’t even know we aren’t living in the present at all so we are surprised when we start feeling sick, rundown, bloated, or constipated all day. You are feeling stress accumulating but you miss it.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.” -Einstein

My Solution

We are a product of our thoughts. How and what you think, how you perceive and what you believe you will create. What you believe and what you perceive will be your reality and what you create – you will experience.

The most important decision we will make is whether we believe our environment is friendly or hostile. You become what you think about most of the time.

Do we have to count on our doctors or therapists to get better?  Is there a way to initiate spontaneous healing by changing our state on a conscious level? Is it possible for a body to cure itself of disease, eliminate dysfunction, or reverse aging spontaneously? If this is possible, would you call it a miracle?

If they are miracles then I’ve been blessed to witness spontaneous healing and miracles for decades. I am one of those miracles.

When I had over stressed my body and mind and found myself in what seemed incurable pain, my body healed itself. For two years I had sought a remedy outside of myself with doctors and meds. Nothing worked.

When I discovered that the cure was in fact in me and not outside of me, my body, almost over night shifted into a healing state. My pain dissipated, my mind cleared and my focus became razor sharp.

I realized my pain was an issue in my connective tissue.

When I began tapping into this system my entire body state changed. My nervous system seemed to switch on my healing properties, my rest and repair regulators turned up, and I felt my mind open to a happier state. Once I learned how to do it to myself, I started trying to help others do the same.

Out of this learning the MELT Method arose as a simple self-treatment technique that anyone can do, at home, on their own, to help themselves get out and stay out of chronic pain.

I believe in order to heal ourselves we need more than just a good diet, exercise, following our doctors orders. Although these are also an essential part of a health life, there’s a missing link: We need to actively partake in sustaining a healthy mind and relationships with both our self and others. They are essential to living without pain.

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