Husband and wife therapy team treat couples on the brink at luxury retreats

Christiane, a mother from New Jersey, had endured years of conflict with her husband when the couple met Portland psychologist John Stewart.

After their son was born with muscular dystrophy, the couple struggled to reconcile their widely different approaches to parenting, she said. Christiane, the youngest of six children, drew on her upbringing in a boisterous household that welcomed a steady stream of guests, while her husband relied on his experience of rigid structure and discipline as a child, she said.

The marriage reached its lowest point several years ago when the couple’s son, now an adult, moved to California. Christiane, heartbroken that her son was in need of care so far away, followed him, ultimately living on the opposite coast from her husband for two years. Christiane felt her husband should join them in California, he wanted her to return home.

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