Rumination and thanks on my birthday

If you think about the study of human beings, realize that Egyptians, Indians and the Greeks had notions of cells centuries before the invention of the microscope, and Darwin was all but dismissed and taken for as a fool for his theory of evolution.

It’s our duty as practitioners to push through the very confines of traditional science and go from evolution to revolution when it comes to understanding the human form, decrease disease, illness, and the effects of aging.

I for one have been basically obsessed with the process of aging for way too long. What started as a simple question as to why my great grandmother couldn’t remember who I was one year and asking my aunt, “what happened to great grandma?” and her reply being, “she just got old” my mind when crazy. “Am I going to get old?” was a simple enough question and my aunt’s reply just as simplistic, “we are all going to get old.” My mind wouldn’t allow that to be the end of it. “How do you stop it from happening” was my next question, and again the simple answer, “You can’t. In fact, it’s happening right now.” I returned to my mother after summer break in Chicago in a tizzy. “We are all dying right now, we are all going to get old and lose our brains and our body is going to fail! It’s happening right now even!” There was no consoling me so instead the curiosity of aging began to brew.

In the 70s we had Jane Fonda and Jack La Lane leading the way to better health through exercise. And then the 20-Minute Workout came to pass in the 80s and those beautiful women with their long legs, fluffy hair, and leg warmers were what I emulated as being the perfect bodies of health. On went my desire to be healthy, fit, and strong.

When I was younger, I was so fixated on the collegiate ways of learning. I believed anything a person should know you would learn in a classroom or from a book. When you are in your 20s you can all but convince yourself that you know everything and you just take that information and get a job and use that information to do that job. Well, I can tell you that is just not true.

Why am I thinking about these things today? Well, today is the last day of my 44th year of life. I sat here this morning thinking:“I was 25. Blink. I’m 45. It’s astounding to me 20 years have gone by and the amount of learning I’ve amassed since the days I thought I’d learned all there was to know about the human form is staggering. The way I see a human body, understand its intricacies, and respect the truth of the matter—humans are complex and once you think you figured one out, they change. On so many levels I’ve learned so much and have to remind myself that although often times I feel I haven’t achieved much in my life so far, when I look at, listen to, and witness all of the lives I’ve affected, all of the support I’ve received, all of the love I’ve shared, these thoughts of insignificance just fade away.

In the age of the internet, one that did not exist when I was in school at all, access to information is easily accessible. This era of Facebook and having 5,000 some odd “friends” doesn’t make much sense to me. There, I see what true insignificance really looks like. People comment on things they really know nothing about but have this desire for their insignificance to have power. I’ve seen people comment on my method, clearly having no idea about who I am or what the method is in any regard say things like, “It’s just another fad with nice packaging. It’s a blip on the screen. It will be gone in no time.” I say, in a very grounded way, “I am no blip, dude. I’m a freaking stain on your favorite shirt and I’m never coming out of that fabric.”

I am privileged every day to sit with brilliant minds, learn from them, share with them all of the ideas that run through my brain. Much like any inventor or innovator, when you come up with an idea that is unlike anything else, there are going to be a lot of people who copy you, follow in your footsteps, fear new ideas, challenge you, or tell you they already came up with your idea so it’s not really new at all. It takes a grand amount of personal belief, intuition, and study to know what and who to pay attention to and who is simply trying to take your power from you because of their own insignificance. In fact, often times what’s said has nothing to do with me at all. It’s all feelings and fear on their side trying to find a voice so someone will listen to them and make them feel significant and less afraid of what they don’t know.

So today, on my final day of 44, I’m stepping into my 45th year saying THANK YOU to the thousands upon thousands of people who allow me to do what I was born to do. To thank all of the people who have been utterly instrumental in my life journey would take up the length of 100 blogs. These people have inspired me, pushed and challenged me, allowed my slow process to exist and never told me my ideas were a waste of time.

Time is really what gives proof to the existence of any lifetime. It’s how we measure the existence of matter and reduces the complexity of human life into something we can grasp and quantify. However, love and friendship is what allows us to value the life we have the opportunity to live. And really, I don’t think that can be measured by any scientific equation.

Thanks to all of you who continue to watch, learn, share, and love me as much as you do. The force of energy we share is what truly will continue to take evolution to revolution and break the confines of traditional thoughts to new places. Here’s to another amazing year of growth, learning, and life.

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