The Keys to Success and Fulfillment

Girl jumping in the air with arms out

I have had the good fortune to live a very successful life as a doctor and now, on my path as a speaker and author. To remind myself, I compiled the following list of attributes that I have followed, which helped me achieve success. This is my go-to list I refer to when faced with temporary setbacks.

But now, I also believe this will be very helpful to you, my readers.

Here, I share with you what has brought me success in my endeavors over the years: becoming a doctor, chief of anesthesia, establishing a very successful pain management practice, personal and material accomplishments, wonderful marriage, great family…

Single, one-pointed focus

  • Hard work; efficient work, practicing the 80/20 rule
  • Leave no stone unturned
  • Willpower; persistence and perseverance
  • Authenticity and honesty
  • Passion, purpose, dharma, calling
  • Divine grace
  • Faith in myself
  • Enjoying the journey
  • Open to new Ideas
  • Sharing
  • Seva (service with gratitude)
  • Sacrificing short term comforts for long term goals
  • Accepting temporary obstacles/failures as God-sent for greater growth
  • Not being afraid to walk uncharted paths and learning new skills as need be
  • Team work; asking for help from other experts or from God
  • Accepting wife’s and family’s love and support
  • Finally, leaving the results to God, the Benevolent Universe


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