Why are We Reborn? Past Life Regression

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The most intriguing question I have had in my life was why I got prostrate cancer, which in turn led to chronic pelvic pain from multiple urological surgeries, which in turn led to dependence on pain killers.

In April 2012, while at Mount Madonna on a ”past life regression” spiritual retreat with Dr Newton M.D., I learned that the answer to my question was simple:

  1. There are lessons to be learned: if we fail to learn in one lifetime, we have to come again in this school (world).
  2. For the evolution of consciousness, for our soul growth, for our spiritual growth.
  3. After all, we are sparks of divinity ourselves and divinity wants to experience itself.

It was during one of the past life regression sessions that I found the answer to my question:

It was around 1770 A.D. I see my self as an opium (poppy) farmer in Afghanistan. My name was Mohammed Zahir. I wear a turban and have a henna-colored beard. I see myself in a poppy field and I am cutting the poppy buds, so the sap can leak out. As the days went by in that life, I started to taste and eat the opium sap, and this continued until I died in my 70’s. I never gave up that habit.

As way of resolving the issue from a previous life, under the guidance of my teacher Dr. Newton, I am asked whilst in my regression, to give color and shape to the negative habit I have identified, and transform it into a positive thing.

To my surprise I visualized my negative habit as a small blue box/syringe and magically it transformed into a sun orange, brightly colored ”OM” about 3 feet in height.

Interestingly, in this life, the chronic pelvic pain and the need of pain medicines lead me to my present spiritual quest.

Why would I, as a Muslim in past life, be transforming the poison into a bright orange OM? Can it be in this life that my dark shadow becomes the brightest glowing light of spirituality, of ‘Om’?

Why, I ask myself, do I now always like to wear bright orange shirts?

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