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There are over 300 million people in the world who suffer from migraines. I’ve written blogs and have talked about how to help people with migraines resolve the missing link to ending this daily head pain. On the Dr. Oz show, I had about 1 minute to mention this issue and, quite simply how MELT helps to restore the missing link to helping this chronic issue amongst so many people. Migraines were thought to be a vascular issue for many years. Now, with new understanding and research, we understand this is partly true but there is more to the story.

In the years of working on people with migraines to chronic headaches the primary issue is in the connective tissue and nervous systems. I explain it to most as a mishap in the way that water and collagen bind. As if the collagen molecule for some is unable to migrate and bind with water, it leaves the elastin fibers dominating the matrix. This, although enhancing joint flexibility, becomes too much flexibility and not enough integrity to sustain efficiency in the nervous system. This in turn breaks down the body’s ability to regulate balance, stability, and good body-mind communication. It’s something really understudied thus, not a lot of research until recently. Michael Feldman passed this article along to me and sure enough, here’s some evidence suggesting the same thing.

However, once again, although research is proving the theories correct, there is never evidence of a solution. Well, I have one. I’ve worked on dozens and dozens of people with migraines and what’s needed is a restoration of the collagen matrix – aka – the connective tissue system. It is time to add not only a study to determine what’s wrong, but what occurs when something is done that directly effects the primary cause of the issue.

Dr. Martin’s study said, “if the collagen is too elastic…” this is not correct. The collagen isn’t too elastic, the fibroblasts produce too much elastin compared to collagen. This is different than things like Dupytren’s and Shogren’s disorders where there’s too much collagen molecules being developed over elastin ones. Bottom line, how do you regulate the cells that produce collagen and elastin and improve the balance in both molecules? Well, that’s what I think MELTing does. For my clients with migraines, I start them with a simple MELT Soft Ball Hand Treatment. This does two things. It enhances neurological regulation, it helps the natural balance and absorption of water. The collagen especially but also the elastin molecules need adequate hydration to bind and become stable. When not enough fluid is in the extracellular matrix (connective tissue system), the molecular stability of the matrix fails to stay in balance.

This in turn throws off the neurological regulators and ultimately this alters neurotransmission from body to brain – NOTE: not brain to body… rather, body to brain neurotransmission. This causes a “cloud” to be produced in the brain (cloudy brain is what I call it) because, and this is my theory here,  but when the body’s neurotransmitters start sending too many messages to the brain, it’s sort of like the kid tugging on his mother’s arm trying to get her attention, “mom, mom, mom, momma, mother, mummy, ma-maaaa, mommy, mumma!” By the time the brain responds it says, “WHHHHHAAAATTTTT??!???!!?” And by the shear shock of the response, the body goes into shock, the brain’s response was too much and… voila, a migraine begins.

So how can you get the body to stop attempting to give the brain so many messages that really are simply redundant and not aiding in getting the attention the body desires? Give the body what it needs – ATTENTION! As you begin to restore the fluid state of the connective tissue, the water molecule is more apt to bind with the collagen and elastin molecules more appropriately thus creating a more integrated, cohesive stability system as the connective tissue should be.

This is the missing link to regaining control of your body and brain to sustain normal balance. It has been the first step in getting my clients suffering from migraines out of the stress patterns.

Read the article as it has some compelling elements in it – especially because it backs my theory that women suffer from migraines 3x as much as men – because we have a higher propensity to have an imbalance in our connective tissue system due to our hormonal fluctuations over our lifetime.

You know what my next step is don’t you? I’m going to get Dr. Martin on the phone and see if I can get him to initiate a second study. This one, using MELT and resolving the collagen to elastin ratio and restoring the natural balance of the one system that provides us stability. There is something called the “laws of nature” my friends. The connective tissue IS the one system that sustains the constructs of this law by self-assembling the architectural support system of the body.

Time for more collaboration in this growing epidemic of migraine suffering humans out there. MELT is your way out of this issue. I’m here to help you learn how to use MELT to resolve your head pain. Step one, the soft ball hand treatment.

Find our book and learn what MELT is all about. It is the missing link and your solution to natural organization and balance your body is waiting to obtain.

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