Coconut Oil May Not Be Right For You

coconut oil

Like most people in the Real Food community, I LOVE my coconut products: coconut flour, coconut milkcoconut watercoconut butter, coconut chips, and obviously coconut oil.

While coconut is no doubt a healthy traditional food, what many do not realize is that it has the potential to negatively affect the skin. This potential occurs whether it is ingested or put on the skin directly.

From what we know of the immune system, it is not adequately developed until the age of two. The foods we are exposed to in childhood, are usually foods that will be less problematic later in life as we have already developed the antibodies for our immune system to recognize these foods as safe.

However, if we over expose ourselves to a particular food, or that food begins to be produced in a way where it impacts digestion or the immune system, this is typically when it can still cause issues, as in the case of dairy and gluten for many.  My point here is that most people did not consume coconut products in their diet growing up, unless they were born in the tropics or are of African or Polynesian decent. Because this is a staple of their traditional diets, they are adapted and can tolerate it better.

Within the last year, I have been exclusively focusing on the root cause of acne internally with clients, but topically I have not given this much thought until recently. I fortunately met with Kimberly Tan, owner and esthetician at skinSALVATION Acne Clinic in San Francisco. This is where I discovered the term comedogenic, which refers to the ability of something to produce or aggravate acne, usually tending to clog pores on a topical level. Products that contain comedogenic ingredients continue to cause pimples for acne prone skin, no matter the nationality or gender of a person.

Read the full article here to find out why coconut oil may not be right for you!

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