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My son was about to leave for medical school in Aruba and passed an exam with flying colors, so we went out for an elegant celebratory dinner. When we reached the restaurant, I realized I left my iPhone at home. I was flabbergasted.  I couldn’t recall anytime in past when this had happened, and when it had, I would have immediately turned around to get it. The iPhone had become an extension of my body, but that dinner I decided to try living without it.

I was the kind of guy who was checking email, Facebook and Twitter every minute. Every email had to be answered right away. I felt the need to remain connected to the electronic world at all times. I even felt myself having “withdrawals” on flights. As soon as the plane would touch down, I had to turn it on.

I would not hesitate to call myself an “IPhone Junkie”, but that dinner without my iPhone was one of the most memorable ones in my life. My son and I had the best time, laughing, talking and bonding more like old friends, instead of father and son.

Since that day, I often practice what I call “Electronic Silence”. For two hours, I don’t check my email and social media. For real emergencies, I still have my home number, but funny how it almost never rings.

This two hours of “Electronic Silence” brings much peace to my life. It is a meditation in itself, and has immensely reduced my stress level. Now, I turn iPhone o during the three basic moments I enjoy the most: dinner, quality time with my wife, and during Meditation.

Now, I even turn the TV o during dinner. In this fast world, it’s often the only time to interact as a family, to bond together in uninterrupted time.

These days, I see “IPhone “Junkies” everywhere, crossing a busy street while texting, texting while driving… These activities not only endanger just the person, but others too. Similarly, I see people doing the same with friends and family at dinner in restaurants.

I urge everyone to connect with live people by talking and looking in the eyes, instead of talking while staring down at a phone.

So my friends try practicing this “Electronic Silence” it will give you your self-back, make family bonds of love stronger and reduce the stress level.

True silence is the language of the spirit, and I hope you can make electronic silence a daily practice. It will transform your life.

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