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This past weekend was the first ever IDEA West conference. As usual, it was a wonderful experience to meet up with some of the very best educators in the fitness industry and share conversations, work, and have a little fun meeting new people.

The goal of IDEA is to inspire the world to fitness. Peter and Kathie Davis have done just that year after year by creating this monster in the educational pursuits of fitness with their many conventions from the smaller ones like IDEA East PT Summit and now IDEA West geared towards personal training, to Inner IDEA with its mind-body to wellness flare and then of course the largest fitness convention in the US, IDEA World. I’ve been privileged over the years to be asked back time and again to present innovative workshops, lectures, and movement sessions to give people an entirely different perspective on what fitness is today.

peter and pete

As a fitness professional for 25 years I know this industry very well. As a manual therapist and educator though I come with a different message and insight on a growing concern in the fitness industry – CHRONIC PAIN.

It’s the dirty little secret of the industry that has slowly become not such a secret because it seems as though the majority of professionals and members in health clubs are suffering from a chronic issue.

With more and more older adults entering into fitness to not only gain strength but also learn about healthy eating and how to stay pain-free it’s essential that industry professionals know more than just exercise programming. You can learn how to use the latest gadgets and exercise equipment, sure. But at IDEA the educators are trying to broaden the horizon of our industry by getting professionals to learn more about what members want.

From sessions on stress, nutrition, sleep, client psychology, and business sessions to how to use new products and develop small group programming from TRX®, Circuit Training, RIP™ Training, BOSU®, and resistant tubing sessions, these events span the gamut any professional would want to take a look at.

I got a special treat to have our very own Sara Bethell and Debbie Karch come to the event and even spend a nice afternoon in downtown Seattle with me!Cassidy, Sue, Chuck

Saturday afternoon I got to have a one-on-one hang out with veteran Chuck Wolf whom I always learn from every time I listen to him speak. On Saturday night all of the presenters sat together for a dinner. It was fantastic to spend a little time chatting with Peter Twist , Fraser Quelch, Nick Tumminello, Cassidy Phillips, Peter and Kathie Davis, Rodney Corn, Hayley Hollander, and Marc Lebert about their sessions. I also finally met up with Chris Mohr,  PhD, Pete Holman, Mark Kelly, PhD, IDEA familyand many others. It was great to hear their views on the industry, what they felt was still needed and to see the diversity yet connectivity of all of us.     

Many of the other presenters either had already left before the dinner or I didn't get to say hello to during the weekend but it was great to connect with a lot of folks I’ve seen over the years but have never met like Justin Price. The entire experience is humbling, exhilarating, 

A grand shout out to Aprile Peishel who somehow creates a spectacular event with the most diverse group of educators on the planet! I am looking forward to IDEA World come this August! Check out more on line and on Facebook the pictures I posted of the event!

Too all of those who participated in my sessions and to all of the other presenters, I look forward to seeing you all again at another event or training. Continue to inspire folks!!!

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