"The Future of Fitness" interview with Sue Hitzmann

Fitness host and producer Jessica Corbin recently interviewed MELT founder Sue Hitzmann for the virtual conference called “The Future of Fitness.”

In this in-depth interview, Sue talks about her transition from pure fitness to the healing arts, her fascination with longevity and her big “lie” about her own struggle with pain. The interview covers MELTs evolution from its more primitive roots to where it stands today with a widespread use across a range of people with a variety of pain-related issues.

The exclusive link to the full video of the breezy and fun interview is here.

It’s an insightful reminder to how important the health of your connective tissue in relation to your overall health. From daily living to repetitive motions of athletes, MELT helps combat the effects of an exhausted nervous system that most of us suffer from no matter where we fall on the health spectrum.

“What people need to know is connective tissue is a renewable resource in your body,” says Sue in the interview. “Diet and exercise do not directly improve connective tissue hydration. …MELT is a way for people to hydrate their connective tissue at home. It just takes 10 minutes a day. What’s brilliant about connective tissue is because it’s a three-dimensional fluid system, you can very quickly address the whole global system and make it do its job as a very supportive structure.”

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