Giving thanks and looking ahead

How on earth is 2013 over already?

People say, as you get older you will find it all goes by faster and faster. I remember as a kid thinking that summer break was nearly as long as the school year. Now I ask, “What happened to August?”

This year was truly epic for me on so many levels both personally and as a business owner.

Taking time to reflect

Three years ago, after nearly 10 years of developing what was to become the MELT curriculum I set out to bring this self-care method to the general public. This is not easy to do, as the method was difficult to simplify to a level where anyone can understand it. I then had to determine what elements of the method would be easy to do at home without an instructor teaching you the why, how, and what of each move. Though there is nothing better than having a live MELT session, being able to do anything at home to be pro-active about wellness is a great place to start.

After two years the book moved into the mainstream. On January 22nd MELT hit the bookstands and by March it appeared on the New York Times best sellers list… twice.

melt book

The near-decade-long grassroots pursuits paid off with a long list of MELT devotees waiting. This fast surge also put “The Dr. Oz Show” on our radar and that single TV appearance bumped up the awareness of MELT tenfold.

I set out on a self-funded book tour where I was able to MELT over 5,000 people all across the U.S. and into Canada. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to put MELT to the test by witnessing people of all ages and all abilities, men, women, children, athletes, and even people in wheelchairs and using walkers strolled, sometimes limped into one of the near 120 events and left with smiles and words of thanks. It was the most inspiring moment of my life.

In a single year we sold nearly 100,000 copies of the book. The book has been nominated for the WEGO award and Books For a Better Life Award. I’m stunned and honored that MELT has been recognized by such prestigious organizations and I’m sure we have only just begun.

Taking everything to the next level

What’s also been rewarding is developing a business and giving others jobs and contributing to the betterment of so many people. I assembled an impressive team of brilliant minds who have helped me bring MELT further than my physical reach. Along with this small team, the vast amount of movement to wellness practitioners who became MELT Instructors has helped tens of thousands of people learn how to get out and stay out of pain.

I didn’t set out to do any of these things but once it began this mindset of helping as many people as I could, to help others gain success helping others seemed the right thing to do.

This year I reached nearly every goal I set out to achieve. Most people don’t realize MELT was developed and Longevity Fitness, Inc. built upon a single belief. I’ve self-funded every ounce of the brand, taking risk after risk to move a growing concept of wellness out to the general public.

I may have started this but it was never done alone. This is how you grow a brand and a business. You have to be around very, very smart people. Luckily that’s all that is around me in my closest circle.

Although people in the industry are in the know of what hands-on therapy can do to aid in the betterment of a body, bringing these concepts to the general public takes years of persistence and lots of smart people. It was not done alone.

Looking towards the future

So to begin this year off on the right foot, I’m saying thank you to those of you who are already in the MELT community for all of your support and encouragement to continue in this pursuit of helping people live a better, less pain-ridden life and for helping me in this journey.

For those of you just learning about MELT, I encourage you to not read a book by its cover. Don’t come in with any pre-conceived notions about what MELT is or how it works. Just try it. Find a MELT instructor or buy the MELT Method book. You will start this year in a better place either way.

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