Happy Anniversary, MELT Method book!

It's hard to believe The MELT Method was published by HarperOne a whole year ago. And what a year it's been – the MELT book went on the New York Times bestsellers' list (four times!), MELT creator Sue Hitzmann went on The Dr. Oz Show, and then Sue went around the country, visiting dozens of cities and towns and helping thousands of people take the first step toward a better, pain-free life.

As a special gift to you, HarperOne is offering you the chance to download the first chapter from The MELT Method absolutely free.

In the first chapter of The MELT Method, you can learn:

  • what really causes pain – it's not what you think!
  • the subtle "pre-pain signals" that can let you know your body needs help
  • why medical remedies aren't necessarily an answer to pain
  • why exercise and nutrition aren't enough to keep you healthy
  • the dirty little secret of fitness pros

Click here to download the first chapter from The MELT Method!

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