The Healthiest Resistant Starch For Your Gut

The healthiest Starch for your gut!

Carbs, amylum, polysaccharides, call it what you will, starch in all its forms has gotten a bad rap lately.

Some of this negative attention is valid, as excessive starch in the diet can contribute to many health problems, not to mention gut issues.

The truth is that not all starch is bad, however, and one starch in particular has been gaining a lot of attention lately as it has been shown via research to be extremely beneficial to overall health, especially for those with gut related problems. This may seem hard to believe at first given that many forms of starch are avoided on gut healing diets like GAPS.

Resistant starch is a type of starch that does not break down (it literally “resists” digestion), instead of being absorbed as glucose like most starches. Instead, resistant starch travels through the small intestine to the colon where it is turned into beneficial, energy boosting, inflammation squashing short-chain fatty acids by intestinal bacteria.

But, be wary as all forms of resistant starch are not the same!

Find out the different categories of resistant starch and how to incorporate this for the most health benefits into your diet.

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