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Home and Family 1After the MELT Method book was published, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many new people and travel to places I’ve never seen. I’ve also been privileged to be on a number of TV shows from Dr. Oz and Access Hollywood to local news. But one show I’ve now returned to is a wonderful show on the Hallmark Channel, The Home and Family Show hosted by Christina Ferrar and Mark Steines.

Two months ago I got to experience this two-hour show that has received emmy’s and an extended run for yet another year. This show is so wonderful, I don’t know where to begin. The crew and producers and cast are a literal family. The house is set on the lot at Universal Studios in California. The show hosts multiple guests each episode spanning from self-help educators, nutritionists, chefs, celebrities, pet experts, gardening, and fashion icons sharing their tips and experiences for the audience. It’s an all-day taping that starts at 10am and ends near 5pm.

This episode entailed Dot Marie Jones from Glee sharing her stories of theDot from Glee show as well as personal stories of a car accident that left her barely alive. She is such a dynamic, wonderful woman. Sweet, generous, and curious of MELT, I had the chance to chat with her and listen to her stories of her life. I also met the host of America’s Best Bite, Natalie Forte, craft expert and host of the Tamara Twist show, Tamara Berg, stylist Jennifer Galva who showed jewelry from Stella and Dot on a slew of bridesmaids from NJ, lifestyle expert Rachel Hollis and my favorite, aura expert Pam Oslie.

home and family 3We sat around the kitchen table chatting about dates filled with a mixture of raspberry and goat cheese, played a game of Family Feud, and gathered together to learn how to look and feel better with MELT.

Behind the camera, I walked with producer Peter Henkem chatting about my segment and what they wanted to do this time around. I walked past Pam the aura reader who nearly stepped back when I passed by. I asked Peter who she was and when he told me, I walked back and introduced myself. She put her hands out and said, “Wow. Your aura sparkles like a firework! You have a yellow ring with a purple shell and then glitter around that. Whatever it is that you do ishome and family 4 going to influence a lot of people. You have quite an amazing field of energy in and around you.” I smiled at the compliment and her intuition and told her what I was doing there on the show. There’s nothing like being validated by an intuitive person to say the least. We chatted for a bit and prepared for our segments.

The show is truly a gift to daytime TV. It’s smart, diverse, and the family, at-home element of the show is so delightful, truly there is no show quite like this one. I was able to talk a little about MELT, self-care, and simple things people can do at home, on their own in just minutes a day to stay out of chronic pain and live a better life. We talked about Dots injured knee, Mark’s aching lower back, and Christina’s inflamed fingers. I showed them a few MELT moves like Knuckle Decompress, Back of Thigh Shearing, and some simple moves for reducing back pain from the MELT Foot Treatment. We talked about why you don’t have to press really hard on your body to make a change, describing those aching areas as victims, Mark at Home and Familynot the criminal that causes you to feel pain. “Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. You don’t have to beat your body up to stop it from telling you something is wrong, you just have to go in and help it out.” I said when talking about why pain exists. I gave 10 kits away to both the guests and some of the crew after my segment as everyone had an ache they wanted to eliminate.

At the end of the show they carted out 5 birthday cakes for Mark's birthday! So much fun to be with him and the rest of the cast, crew, and guests to celebrate!Mark from Home and Family

Once the show was done, I headed to Portland, OR and then Vancouver for MELT Hand and Foot Trainings. Two amazing cities with wonderful people. Now I’m headed to Denver to do it all over again. If you have a chronic pain, I hope learning about MELT and self-care help you get out and stay out of pain. Simple stuff here folks, you can feel better. We are here to help.

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