How I understand healing

I’ve been practicing the healing arts since 1993. Although my background started in fitness, I wanted to gain more knowledge on the bigger picture: how to live a healthy, happy life.

I thought that the fitness industry and studying anatomy and physiology would teach me how to live well. But at 27 my body hurt in ways I’d like to forget. The pain was so debilitating I couldn’t walk normally and my body was stiff all over. I became depressed and angry.

This all began to change for me as I began tapping into my passion for learning how to help others find their healing path as I discovered my own.

Over the past 12 years, my learning grew and changed me in ways I can only now truly put into words. I’ve spent decades learning techniques, seeking teachers and mentors, reading books, and taking trainings to understand how a body heals itself and how to harness wellness.

What I’ve come to believe is, within each of us there is a power and potential for our body to spontaneously heal. Buried under the life you spend time building or trying to find “the things that will make life perfect” the power of your inner being holds the potential for this very moment to be monumental.


Letting go of anger is key

For many of us, we live an angry life. We dwell on the past with “I should have… I wish I had… if only I did…” We worry about our future with “what ifs… when I finally… someday I will…” In doing so, we lose our control in the present.

The trouble with always thinking about the past or fearing the future is that we lose cellular stability in the here and now – and we don’t even know it’s happening.

Our cells can go out of control without our focus on the present, because cells only function in the present. Cells don’t think about tomorrow and last week has long since past. If your energy doesn’t remain on the here and now I believe this state can lead to distress on a whole-body level. We must stay with our body to stay connected in the here and now. Besides, life exists right now, why not pay attention?

Little things add up

I’ve learned that everything I need, I already have. I don’t do what I do to earn respect or power, trust or love, money or recognition. I do what I do because I am who I am. I remember doing things to make my dad take notice of me. I worked to hear “I’m so proud.” I waited for the sense of love and recognition but it never came.

I struggled with this for years until he passed away. What’s uncanny is, during the time of my life where I worried about my future and became sad thinking about the past as a daily mantra, it took just one big event to send my body over the edge – my dad becoming ill, his demand for me to stop my life to help him, and then his death. I can recall my body slowly having pains that didn’t come and go – they came and they stayed, and they got worse and more global in my body.  My body exploded into a chronic pain cycle.

Making the shift towards a state of healing

When I was in this state, I knew so much already about physiology, biology, and anatomy yet none of it helped me heal. In fact, it seemed that all of the things I knew to do made me feel worse as I tried to make my body “go back” to the state I was in before I had pain.

In working with an amazing bodyworker I was able to transition into a state of healing. She facilitated a shift in my awareness and my cells took action. I woke up a day after my first session feeling different and in less pain. This was a pinnacle moment for me. I remember like it was yesterday.

Some might say she healed me. I disagree. I believe she awoke my body’s ability to heal itself, a key component to the effectiveness of MELT.

Help yourself by helping yourself

I don’t believe you need someone to heal you. If that’s the case, a therapist heals you and then you get sick again and you need the healer to get well again. In that model you surrender your power to another person to be healthy every time you get sick.

This to me is in fact disempowering. I am not that type of practitioner and those that I feel are great bodyworkers of all sorts from personal trainer to massage therapist to acupuncturist to holistic nutritionist would say the same thing. I am not a healer. I am a facilitator. Everything I have to help a person restore their potential to heal, I believe you have within you right now. Renew your mind to the understanding that you have within you a level of awareness or consciousness.

Don’t be afraid of these words I’m using. You can realize and utilize a healing power within you – without me at all. It may sound hokey in certain contexts, but don’t doubt it until you’ve really given it a shot.

You get cut.  Your wound heals. When you get the flu, your body increases your internal temperature to kill off the virus that can’t sustain itself in such a hot environment. It’s amazing what our body can do. The more connected you are to yourself, the better.

I hope this blog post impacts someone reading it and I hope it makes you take action to scour our site and find a practitioner or a class near you or take it upon yourself to buy the book and start learning how to harness self-awareness and care into your daily life.

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