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In a recent article on, there was an explanation of how MELT can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Of course I realize this is a mainstream consumer health and fitness publication that espouses simple fixes for seemingly complex problems, but the article contained a crucial error.It made it seem like that cellulite if primarily due to dehydrated connective tissue.

The article implies that when connective tissue is dehydrated that’s what causes the fat cells in your legs to multiply. Well, what actually causes the fat cells to multiply is a chemical reaction in your adipose tissues that is caused by too much fat being stored in your body. Therefore, what we need to look at is a two-fold equation.  There’s this chemical reaction and the addition of fat that damages the collagen in your connective tissue that contributes to the appearance of cellulite.

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Once damaged, you can use MELT to restore the collagen health and watch how much fat you ingest daily. Even if you lose weight if your collagen is still dehydrated you may still have the appearance of cellulite.

What’s difficult to convey to those who are not familiar with the nuances of MELT is that although MELT, in principle, is simple, it is not simplistic. There are many factors that add up to how it can work to heal your entire system — and I often discuss how emotional issues tie in.

While I am happy that a media property with such an expansive reach as Women’s Health helped spread the word about the MELT Method, sometimes the need to summarize complex issues creates a disservice to the science behind the possible solution.

If you are reading this, you probably have a deeper understanding than most people about the complex nature of how MELT works. Fortunately we all know that MELT is not really about beauty, but if MELT can help release you from everyday pain, surely you will look happier to the outside world and emit a beauty that actually does start from within.

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