Keep Your Feet Summer Savvy and Ready For Fun!

baby footIt’s summer! Time to put on your flip-flops, strappy sandals, and take barefoot walks in the sand and next to the pool. Your feet have been in regular shoes for months so, now’s the time to let those toes spread out! However, for many people this foot liberation can cause the foot to become more stressed by the unsupportive nature of barefoot walking or wearing those flat, thin-soled footwear.  

How can you help keep your foot integrity with little support from the shoes you are used to wearing all year round? I’ve got some simple tips here. In the years of working on people with pain, I know that months after wearing summer shoes your feet may have issues going back to the more secure shoe wear you are used to using like sneakers, heels, and business attire shoes. You won’t feel it right away but by September, many women come to me screaming about foot pain. Plantar fasciitis is a common fall issue caused by the summer months of foot freedom fun. Here’s a list of some simple preventative care techniques you can do at the end of your summer days to keep your feet feeling great all year long.

  1. The basic foot rub revamped: Place your fingers in between each toe and create small circular motions with your forefoot. Then squeeze your toes around your fingers to aid in better circulation to the forefoot which often times loses adequate release of fluid in the foot.
  2. Foot elevation: At the end of the day, simply kick your legs up against a wall for 10 minutes to reduce swelling, pressure in your veins that cause spider and varicose veins to arise, and back pain. Place a rolled up towel under your low back and neck curves for added support and restoration.
  3. Monkey Foot Grabs: If you have a MELT soft treatment ball, place it on the floor and try to grab it with your toes and lift it from the floor. Try doing this starting at your big toe and second toe. Grab the ball, lift your leg and hold it for 2-3 seconds. Then move the ball under your second and third toe and repeat the move. Try this all the way to your pinky toe and see if you can master lifting the ball from the floor under any toe you want!
  4. Heel to Toe rocker: An easy way to improve strength and reduce knee strain is this basic move. Stand tall, keep your knees soft but straight. Gently rock your body weight and shift up into a releve so your heels come off the floor by a couple of inches. Pause in this position for a breath and then lower down and without locking out your knees, lift your toes off the floor and pause standing mostly on your heels. Repeat this 20 times. Make sure to keep your knees soft but straight and keep your pelvis balanced over the center of your foot in either position.
  5. The Basic MELT Glide, Shear, and Rinse: Using the MELT Soft Treatment ball, place the ball under the center of your right foot. Compress the ball 5-10 times to find a tolerable pressure. Step backward with your left foot and place the ball slightly further back in your foot so it’s just in front of your heel.

Glide: Gently allow the ball to move left and right under your foot. Keep your toes on the floor. It’s like doing the dance move the “Twist”. Slowly move the ball left to right until you get the ball to the back of your heel. Work your way back to the center of your foot.

Shear: Keep the ball in front of your foot and wiggle your foot left and right over the ball in a smaller more refined way. It’s like scratching an itch on your foot. Pause for 5 seconds with pressure on the ball.MELT soft ball

Rinse: Place the ball under your big toe joint. Press with tolerable pressure and from your toe to your heel. Lift your foot up and place the ball under your second toe. With the same pressure press the ball down to your heel. Repeat this under each toe.

Repeat each move on your other foot.

I hope these simple self-treatment techniques help your feet stay feeling great over your summer and into the fall. Drink a little water before and after any of these techniques to gain benefits and lasting results!

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