How Equinox leads the way

Back in the ‘90s I was hired by Kirk Moore, exercise/fitness manager extraordinaire to work at Sports Club Company as an aerobic instructor. Who would think that nearly 18 years later I would still be working for this company? 

There was a time when I taught about 16 classes at this one club each week. In 2003 as I started developing MELT I shared the ideas with the members at this club—a decade later it has become a thriving business and widely held method of self-care. 

After years in business, Sports Club Company has finally been bought out by Equinox, which will take over this stunning five-floor facility this month. As Equinox has grown into a huge organization, buying up many brands and facilities over the past decade I’m not surprised. It was a great opportunity for Sports Club because over the years, the memberships have lagged behind and the club had become a little stagnant. With what NYers call the “Sheek-quinox”-style Equinox brings, I’m sure in the upcoming year the club will resurrect its vibe, brining new, younger crowds to this facility.

I’m a fan of Equinox and am thrilled to have the opportunity to work under the quality management of people like Rachel Sibbony, Lisa Wheeler, Carol Espel, and Loi Jordon—women I’ve each known for over 15 years. Their integrity is what truly marks the quality of Equinox.

As with all great companies, their core values are what instill the quality of their brand. I’ve gone through the process of applying to continue to teach at this facility and loved reading their list of key values such as:

“Honoring integrity, communicating openly, accepting ownership and being responsible and accountable for actions.” They are passionately committed to personal growth and fulfillment and demand continuous improvement. They are a community with integrated, multi-disciplinary approaches to reach their common goals and initiatives.

Aspiring to grow

Although my company is tiny compared to the Equinox brand, the core values and community I demand and uphold are similar to theirs. I am looking forward to sharing in the community of like-minded individuals and hope they will allow MELT to remain at their clubs. One can only hope for the best when new management arises but I feel our missions are so similar in thread this can only be a good thing all around. 

I hope to share MELT in more Equinox facilities as our brand and mission grows in this next big step for Equinox in NYC. Congratulations to the acquisition of such an amazing facility and I look forward to seeing Equinox members arrive at our club and trying MELT perhaps for the very first time!

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