Sometimes you just have to get away

Somehow, in the midst of editing a video, planning my 2015 schedule, as well as a wedding (yes, I’m engaged!), Chris and I managed to set aside 4 fun-filled days with my dear friend and her family Hilary, for a vacation at Disney.

For anyone looking to take the family to Disney, I have two words for you: Fast Pass. The last time I went to Disney I was about 12-years-old so it’s been over 30 years since I had this experience. I recall having to wait in long lines but during the lunch and dinner hours my brother and I would ride Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain roller coasters as many times as possible when the lines were short. However, with this new technology of the Disney Wrist Bands, you can schedule a one-hour window to ride on selected rides and attractions with lines of an hour or more waiting time. 

Although Chris and I don’t have kids, Hilary’s kids are like our nephews which gave rise to giggling like children and running to rides to beat the crowds. My favorite rides were Rock-n-Roll Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios, and Soar and Travel to Mars rides in Epcot. If you have young teens or children Disney is the way to go. Parades, and tons of attractions to pick from, just make sure you wear comfy shoes and bring a water bottle with you because there are many water fountains to refill your bottle all around the park. I wore my new Vibram 5-Finger sneakers and MELTed my feet each night and can honestly say, I felt great even though we must have walked 5 miles each day throughout the parks. 

And what a surprise

I have to give Disney props for one thing in particular—Gluten Free options! Seeing Chris and Hilary’s entire family is gluten-free and one of her sons has a dairy allergy I figured we would be eating apples or fruit as the only option. I was wrong. In every restaurant, whether it was in the hotel or on Disney amusement property, not only were there dozens of options, the chef would come out and personally chat with us about our options, what substitutions could be made, and then took the order and prepared the food personally. They even came out in the midst of the meal to ask how everything tasted. To me this was a perk for anyone with kids with food allergies as it must be challenging to travel and still find food to eat. Everything from gluten-free pancakes, bread, and altered menu items can be found at Disney. And they are nice about it!

Not too costly for much-needed renewal

We used a booking agent for the entire trip and used American Express points for the flight. I think it cost us about $2,000 in total for the trip—including all access passes to the parks, bus rides, hotel stay, and the fast passes. Not bad for a 5-day, 4-night trip. We stayed at the Beach Resort Club, which had a spectacular 5-pool outdoor center including a huge water slide—again, great for families with kids. And apparently, this time of year (over the Jewish holiday) the park wasn’t horribly crowded at all and they did a holiday Halloween Festival as well as a wine and food festival at Epcot. 

I enjoyed every minute, laugh, and smile this past weekend and would recommend a Disney vacation to anyone looking for a fun weekend getaway with the family. I’m ready to get back to the MELT universe and the upcoming sold-out MELT trainings!

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