MELT Stories: Brian Richey

Brian Richey didn’t intend to become a health and fitness industry professional. But life happens and one day his mother, who owned a small fitness studio, suffered a knee injury from skiing and couldn’t teach.

She feared losing her business because she expected to be out of commission for three months. So she asked her son Brian to quickly learn how to teach aerobics classes—and so he did as duty called.

Brian, who was at one time overweight, quickly found that he enjoyed helping others become healthier and decided to get serious about teaching. Today the Hawaii-raised owner of Fit 4 Life DC focuses on medical exercise. Although he loves using the MELT Method in his tool chest of modalities to help his clients, at one time he was highly skeptical.

He didn’t even fully buy into Sue Hitzmann’s teachings after he took a full-day session with her at an IDEA Fitness Conference.

Brian Richey

“I felt like she was full of it and that something didn’t feel right,” said Brian. “But having been in the industry for over 25 years, I knew she was onto something and nagging in the back of my mind I kept thinking there’s something there.”

Brian returned to another MELT education class that was broken into four sessions. During this time around, the MELT Method began to sink in.

“I finally got it piece by piece and it opened my eyes to things I have never thought of before,” said Brian. “My career is a constant evolution and the more I can learn about the body and what’s going on at the cellular level the more it helps me.”

He likes that MELT is not positioned as the single solution for every health woe and rather it is a complementary component to other wellness disciplines.

One of his clients is a chiropractor who suffered from neck pain. She thought she had to live with it as an occupational hazard. Brian provided her with basic MELT techniques and they immediately began to relieve the chiropractor’s pain.

Brian found that his passion within the fitness spectrum is to work with people who have physical problems, including elderly people. Being a certified MELT Instructor allows him to use it to create customized solutions for his clients in his medical exercise practice.

“MELT is effective because is begins to wake things and up and calms areas of the body that have issues,” said Brian. “It gets them through the acute stages and then I can take them further with range-of-motion exercises and more. It’s totally changed my approach to healing.”

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