MELT Stories: Gloria Stewart

In the world of the super-fit, The MELT Method is the “missing link,” says Gloria Stewart, a health and fitness professional at the Santa Clarita Athletic Club in the Los Angeles area.

We caught up with the MELT and Pilates instructor during a break in her busy schedule, which includes teaching MELT at least four times a week.

“When I first heard Sue [Hitzmann] speak I understood what she was talking about and it was as if I was hearing the angels sing,” said Gloria, who earned her MELT certification nearly five years ago. “I teach weight training and Pilates and it was really amazing to learn what MELT can do for the community I have been working with.”

One of her clients was so tight all around that the back of her thighs couldn’t come close to touching the ground when lying on her back. After working with her through several MELT sessions, her client’s entire body began to loosen up and finally she was able to feel her thighs on the floor. She also noticed she was sleeping soundly through the night without waking to use the bathroom. 

“MELT has helped me and the people around me stay out of pain with just a little bit of work every day,” said Gloria. “I want to help people reach their fitness and nutrition goals and stay pain-free throughout.”

Another person she had success MELTing had lost most of her neurological connection form her brain to her muscles through bad dietary habits. By adding MELT into this client’s regimen, her connective tissue began to become healthier and soon she was able to fully reap the benefits of resistance training.

In addition to MELT, MELT Strength and MELT on Pilates, Gloria employs a wide-range of modalities to complete her offering set. In addition to weight training and PMA-certified Pilates, she also teaches TRX Suspension Training.

“MELT is great for teaching people to increase awareness of how their body works,” she said. “It’s ideal for restoring balance after working out.”

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