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What would you do if you woke up from an emergency surgery and realized an entirely new purpose for your life? And what if that meant nearly everything in your life—your profession, your social status, your family’s home and many other things would have to change as a result?

Join Enlightening Radio guest hosts Kate Romero-Stellar and John Stellar as they talk with author and speaker Rajiv Parti M.D. about the radical life changes he made following a prostate cancer diagnosis, all kinds of medical and drug interventions, and seven surgeries which included a near death experience on the surgical table at UCLA medical center on Christmas Day 2010.

Formerly a highly respected anesthesiologist in Southern California, Dr. Parti shares about how he has moved from “putting to people to sleep” for a living to a life of service and helping others awaken.

It’s a heartfelt, uplifting, and thoroughly enlivening conversation, you can listen in here!

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