Total immersion in Utah

This past week I headed to one of my absolute favorite destinations: Red Mountain Spa in Ivins, Utah. The place is beyond a world-class spa, the staff is just amazing and accommodating. 

This past week was no different. We captured an exclusive group of MELT Hand and Foot Instructors to move forward in their learning for a 6-day MELT Length Level One Immersion. I don’t know anyone who gets to do what it is I’ve been able to do in my lifetime. So, it’s hard for me to compare my experience from last week to anything.

This is a unique experience because you basically leave your entire life behind you for a few days and immerse yourself in YOURSELF. The amount of epiphanies and ah-haa moments are beyond compare to any trainings I do all year. Many of my trainings have over 100 participants these days. So imagine having just three dozen people  an event where they get to know each other outside of the training hours in the pristine landscape of the red mountains of Utah! It’s just brilliant. 

I liken it to a parent watching their child experience grass for the first time or suddenly getting onto all fours and rocking back and forth with voluntary control! The amount of “That may be the very first time I’ve felt my entire body just sink into the floor in a totally relaxed state”-type comments I get to hear over these few days is just spectacular. The last day of the trainings are always filled with hugs of gratitude and thanks. I really can’t think of a better life experience. 

This year the sessions were even better for me because I finally got my mom and my sister-in-law’s mom to come to the spa for a five-star vacation. I didn’t know how they would manage the heat but, like all of my trips here, we just miss all the 107+ degree days and sneak in the 85-101 degree days. It’s really a slice of heaven.

We took my instructor trainers to Zion National Park for a day of exploring and hiking. Once you go to Zion, the Red Mountains look like “sand castles” as Therese (my sister-in-law’s mom) put it when we returned to the spa. The energy here leaves me calm and grounded. 

So what’s next? Well, this week we get to meet 40 Advanced MELT Instructors to work with them and train them with MELT NeuroStrength. This is really a game changer and allows people to restore balance in ways they didn’t think was possible. I’m thrilled to be recording the entire event.

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