Crossing the Bridge: From Scarcity to Abundance

Steve Pavalin’s Crossing the Bridge is a wonderful, inspiring article as if written for me, I even used quotes from it for my Vision Board!

As our basic needs are usually met easily, we need to create a vision that truly inspires us, one that shakes our spirit awake and makes us remember why we’re here.

We can choose to do work we love. We can rely on inspiration instead of neediness as our primary source of motivation

Instead of having to work to make a living, people work because they enjoy it.

I work hard, but not for money. My motivation comes from inspiration, not neediness.

My approach was to focus on a vision that inspired me and commit to that vision.

If you want to create and experience abundance, you must willfully abandon the thought that you can keep one foot in both worlds.


It’s difficult to create a life of abundance until you have a truly inspiring vision of what life will be like on the other side.

Many people try to move towards abundance because they’re fed up with scarcity. They’re tired of working at jobs they semi-dislike just to pay the bills. They notice the years passing and don’t feel they have much to show for it. These people seldom escape that reality, however, because that level of thinking actually reinforces scarcity.

Abundance is much easier to create once you get clear about what you’ll do with it. Why bother with it? Who cares? What will life be like on the other side? Is it just the absence of some annoyances? Is there something more to it?

What inspires me to live from a place of abundance is that I feel everyone deserves such a life, not just a privileged few, but everyone. The impetus to begin thinking about abundance initially came from my frustration dealing with scarcity, but as I began to sense what an abundant life could feel like (joyful!), I realized that such a journey wasn’t merely a personal one. It’s a journey that our entire planet can share.

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