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Seth and Josh 1I’m on a train headed towards Denville, NJ to see my dear friend and colleague (not to mention an amazing MELT Instructor), Hilary Bilkis. Her two sons Seth and Josh have adopted me as their “Aunty Sue”. I feel honored to have the title. Her husband Michael makes ridiculously flavored gluten-free pancakes to which I’ve been privy to ingest.

Over the past four months my utter focus has been on a book tour. At the end of January, I set out to see how America would react to MELT in a group environment. I’ve been teaching MELT in group settings since 2004 and have hundreds of instructors across the country sharing the methodClay class to people with the same results and response. This is a picture of my first outdoor MELT here in NYC at Clay. Nancy Mink is doing Intro Workshops and MELT Series Events this summer and fall. Some of her classes will also be outside! I can tell you, most people who try MELT once will say that they continued to use it daily and gained great results with the method. Watching people make immediate changes and having them feel the changes in the session is just fantastic. 

I was thrilled to meet nearly 4000 people, sign about that many books doing both MELT Intro Workshops for the general public and the MELT Hand and Foot Trainings across the US and into Canada.Seth Josh Sue

I’ve spent more days away from my home here in NYC more days in the past 4 months than I have in the past 4 years. But I must say, I feel great and being where I am today makes me feel very blessed and present.

In just a week, I will be away again until mid-August. With everything going on, work is non-stop. People ask me how I can keep myself health and balanced with the increased stress, travel, and demand on me both emotionally and physically. I tell them I make sure to MELT, take care of myself, and if the opportunities arise to be with people I love and make my life rich, I take those anytime I can.

So I’m thrilled to be heading out to NJ to see my extended family and spend a day playing like a child. I expect lots of smiles and laughing.

What’s most delightful is, on the train to Denville, I had to buy a ticket on the train. It cost a little more but I couldn’t find the ticket kiosk and the train was looking to leave in 4 minutes. The extra couple bucks was worth it. I met Andre who works for NJ Transit who helped me buy the ticket. We chatted and somehow we got to a profound part. As I mentioned making sure to get on the train because I was going out to play in NJ and didn’t want to miss the train, he said these words,

Pennies on the dollar

Moments on the time…

I said, “Exactly. What a powerful thing to say at 8am on a Sunday morning.” He said his wife said something about if you treat people nice you can help make their day a little brighter. What wonderful words to hear today. It was a little gift of the day.

So Andre, thanks for making my day a little brighter. Today is quite a blessed day. Thanks all for your gifts. Have a happy Sunday.

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