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Because MELT helps you feel good, you look good. But beyond the body, I’ve heard comments on how good the skin on my face looks after all these years.

When someone posted my Crunch “Boot Camp Training” video from 1998 on Facebook. The biggest comment was, “Holy crap Sue! You haven’t aged in 15 years! What is your secret?”

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A healthy diet, regular exercise, MELTing and using good skin-care products are key for me. I don’t have an endorsement deals with any of the products that I am going to tell you about, so I’m just sharing with you my personal experience.

Dove soap: I am a Dove girl. I’ve been using the brand since I was a kid and I swear by it. I’ve tried more expensive, non-soap based products but nothing leaves my skin as smooth as Dove.  At 43 my skin still does look wrinkle-free unless I frown and then those lines between my eyebrows show up. So I try to smile which I do believe keeps you looking young in general.clarisonic

Clarisonic Brush: I am entirely in love with my Clarisonic and love that they have new choices for brush heads. I have fairly sensitive skin so I use their sensitive skin brush head. It’s a great way to stimulate the skin with a gentle vibration. Vibration shows to stimulate collagen fibers.

Dr. Brandt’s night cream and eye cream: I think it’s worth the money to always have good eye and night cream. Although I know a lot of people use things with Retina-A in it, my skin just dries out when I use it.

Staying out of the sun: The key to great looking skin is staying out of the sun! Wear sunscreen in the sunny months or if you are going to be outdoors in direct sunlight for more than 10 minutes a day. I think that’s a huge part of wrinkles.

Drinking water consistently:  I always stress the word consistently when it comes to drinking water. Sipping regularly rather than gulping allows the body to maximize the benefits of hydration.

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